It is extremely important to have your vehicle inspected, this gives you peace of mind that you are driving a car that is safe and also roadworthy.

If you are buying a car it is also important because this helps you to know that you are getting something that is worthwhile, and by doing this it wont cost you a lot of money to maintain in the long run.

We offer 2 Main Inspections - The On-Site Safety Inspection for all types of vehicles, makes & models & the On-Site Pre Inspection for all types of vehicles,makes & models.


Going on a long trip?  We can do an On-Site Safety Inspection for you!

If you are going on a long trip, the last thing you want is to be broken down in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone to come and help you. This is especially infuriating when you know that this can often be avoided. In addition to this, it can be quite dangerous driving a car which has a problem - even if you don't know about the problem. To avoid getting into trouble, get one of our mechanical technicians to come and look your car over to make sure it is in good order.



 Buying a Used Car?  We can do an On-Site Pre Inspection for you!

Having the vehicle you wish to purchase Inspected before you buy it is always important!  We can check it over for you to make sure it is worth buying.  The last thing you want to do is purchase a car that has a lot of problems.  Get Peace of Mind today by having it inspected also this can avoid any unwanted costs.

An On-Site Inspection can save you a lot of money in the long run - Call 1800 850 449 

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