The Major On-Site Safety Service is very important, this will maintain your vehicle if you service it on a regular basis.   A major service includes a Tune Up and Service.  This should be done every 30 - 60,000 km's or when you notice that your car is running rough.

Major service1


We start with a full inspection of the vehicle and then confirm what work needs to be performed before we commence any work on your vehicle.

The Service & Tune Up Procedure Includes:

Replace Engine Oil and Oil Filter
Replace Air Filter
Replace Fuel Filter
Check & Replace Spark Plugs

Major service2








Inspect all fluid levels and top up if required.

Inspect Brake System
Inspect Cooling System
Inspect Charging System
Inspect all Drive Belts
Inspect Air Conditioning System


Complete Safety Inspection Check

Major service3








The price for a Major On-Site Safety Service is

$249.50 Including GST & Parts

Surcharges can apply for European vehicles 4WD and Diesel and certain Oils & Oil Filters & Some Spark Plugs