On-Site Mobile Mechanics provide Tune Ups to all make & model vehicle's.  It's very important to have your vehicle tuned regularly to prevent any problems like

  • Your engine running rough.
  • The performance of your engine being poor
  • Bad Fuel economy
  • Difficult in starting the engine

Have one of our qualified technicians come out to do an On-Site Tune Up of your vehicle.  It will improve the performance of your engine and fuel economy which will in the long run save you a lot of money!

At On-Site Mobile Mechanics we start off by doing a full inspection of your vehicle, and then confirm with you what work needs to be performed before we commence any work.

The On-Site Tune Up includes:

Inspect and/or Replace Air Filter
Inspect and/or Replace Fuel Filter
Inspect and/or Replace Spark Plugs
Inspect and/or Replace Ignition Leads
Inspect and/or Replace (Ignition Points, Condensor, Distributor Cap)

Inspect all fluid levels and top up if required

Inspect Charging System
Inspect EFI System
Inspect all Drive Belts
Inspect Cooling System
Inspect Air Conditioning System

$189.00 Including GST & Parts

Surcharges can apply for European vehicles 4WD and Diesel, Certain Oils & Oil Filters & Some Spark Plugs.